Bathroom Carpet

Bathroom Carpet

Courier delivery Australia wide

In stock in 5 great colours

In stock in 5 great colours

Warmer & Super Soft

Warmer & Super Soft

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Bathroom Carpet

Wall to wall non-slip carpet for bathrooms. 

Bathroom Carpet is a great waterproof non-slip solution for bathroom floors.

Order bathroom carpet below. We deliver bathroom carpet Australia wide.


5 great colours available for order now in quik dry waterproof bathroom carpets.  

Warm your toes and avoid slips and falls in bathrooms and wet areas with our 

New Premium Super Soft Bathroom Carpet.

Water resistant and now available in 5 great colours.


Looking to rejuvenate an ugly or old bathroom floor?

Or are you worried about slipping and falling after getting out of the shower? Bathroom carpet is a great solution for costly renovations and slippery bathroom floors.

But hey, you probably knew that already because you found this page. So here it is.

Bathroom carpet that is easy clean and water proof and better than ever with a new non perishing backing.

Just fill in the form below for a quote. We courier deliver Australia wide.  You can call (02) 62805339 for any queries.

Quote form is below. We will call you back at the first available chance. 


Bathroom Carpet - Camel (beige)


Bathroom Carpet - Grey (charcoal)


Bathroom Carpet - Blue (pearl blue)


Bathroom Carpet - Taupe (light grey/off white)


Bathroom Carpet - White (cream/creme)

  • 2 METRE WIDE ROLLS (maximum) Choose any length.

Our Bathroom Carpet is available on 2 m wide rolls. It can be cut from the roll to any lengh required.

The maximum width is 2 m wide (just over 6 feet 6 inches). However, the length can be up to 20 metres long. 

The common complaint about bathroom carpets we hear is that the backing is old and falling apart. Taking the initiative we have sourced and produced a premium new formula backing. This new high end bathroom carpet backing is "non-fraying" and can be cut to any shape you desire. It will not fray, not dry out and not crumble like regular bathroom carpets. It can be washed and cleaned without perishing, flaking or delaminating (peal off). It is also non slip and grips well to tiles without disintegrating and will not fuse to the tiles or floor beneath like regular rubber backing can.    


The super soft pile is silky smooth and warm under foot.  It also dries well and is very difficult to stain permanentl. Our test show machine or hand washing can clean the carpet like new with just water. A light detergent may be used for heavier stains like grease. 


In the past, bathroom carpets had a backing that would perish and crumble after only a short period of time. Our new gel back non -slip backing is new and improved with higher durability and perish resistance than previous generation bathroom carpets.  


Our bathroom carpet sits well on tiled floors prone to slipping when wet. Carpet Factory bathroom carpet is a custom made higher end carpet with a durable textured backing for excellent grip on slippery tiles.


 Using a fast drying fibre our bathroom carpet will not let water soak in to the yarn causing longer drying times. The backing is also non-porus. Water cannot seep through to beneath the backing, getting trapped where it can cause stagnant water issues.

Testimonials and emails:

"After my mother had two or three bad slip and one terrible fall in the bathroom she asked if we could find her some bathroom carpet. She had used it before however we found it impossible to get locally. Luckily we found you guys. Packaging and delivery was great and since she got it (last year) she has not had one fall. I have to admit that carpet in the bathroom seemed a little retro to me. But after seeing it on the floor and how great it feels we want to order some for our (own) bathrooms......"   - Judith (Perth)


"Just wanted to say how happy we were to find this (Carpet Factory bathroom carpet). It is fantastic. I have been showing it to all our friends and neighbours. You should get some inquiries soon."

Regards Joe  - QLD


"We searched everywhere... Every store we went to said you cold not get bathroom carpet in Australia. So glad we found Carpet Factory actually has it"

Sue (and her Mum)


"Just writing to say thankyou for the fast delivery. The bathroom carpet covers the slippery tiles really well and t feels fantastic to walk on. My eldelry father is showering with confidence... we are very appreciative."

J. Schiff - NSW


"We ordered the pearl blue bathroom carpet a few years ago and we love it. We wanted to to know what colour you think would best suit our new bathroom? (see picture) We were thinking the white or light grey?"

Beth -NSW

Australia wide courier delivery is available!

To request a quote please use the order form below.

Our bathroom carpet is currently available in 5 colours.

It can be cut from the roll 2 metres wide. Minimum cut is 1 metre.   

If you require 3.6 m by 2 m please choose 3.6 as your "length required."

Please fill in your details for a quote for pickup only, or delivery Australia wide.

In store pick up is available from our Fyshwick Canberra ACT store only.  For any further questions you can call weekdays from 9-5 on 02 62805339 or 02 62807140


2015 Bathroom carpet colour bank.


We have included the dye base to enable you to see the actual dye bases used in the yarn production.  Because photograps on computers are not always an accurate colour representation we have included the dye base to help you see the colour hue clearly.  


New premium bathroom carpet colours. Miracle gel backing with super soft pile.


The fabric pile may appear darker in fabric samples due to shadowing from the pile, However the hue in these colour swatches ABOVE should accurate and true to life on a well calibrated monitor.

 below are the corresponding product picture.














New bathroom carpet range Available Now!

We are pleased to report our new bathroom carpet range in stock and ready for order now. 

To request a quote and delivery, please contact us with your full address and contact phone number - click here.

Colours available will be.

1. Pearl Blue


3.Taupe/Grey (light grey) 


5.Camel (Beige)

Our new bathroom carpet is available 2 metres wide. We can cut pieces any length up to 20 m.

If you wanted to cover an area 1.8m x 2.1 metres, we recommend ordering 2.15 m to enable triming and fitting to your selected area. This bathroom carpet can be easliy cut with a box cutter (stanley) knife to suit your floor area.  


  • non fraying cutting - cut to any shape without the need to overlock or bind the edges
  • no slip backing - for added stability and safety on bathroom tiles
  • water resistant - suitable for bathrooms kitchens and wet areas where nonslip comfort is required.
  • superior gel backing - new gel backing will not detariorate like regualr latex and rubber bathroom carpets, and will not deteriorate before the bathroom carpet has reached it's useful lifespan. 

This is a new and vastly superior product to any other on the market, featuring the new Miracle Gel backing. Miracle Gel is sure to outlast and out perform all traditional styles of bathroom carpets. 

For info you can call us on (02) 62805339  9am-5pm NSW time weekdays.

We can arrange delivery of this product Australia Wide.

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